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July  5, 2006

Northland Facts and Features

Northland offers an unparalleled combination of installation and design applications with unmatched capacity that allows users to customize their luxury refrigeration needs.

Superb Construction

Innovation: The patented Northland Power Module® is an ingenious self-contained unit that holds the refrigerator's mechanical components separate from the cabinet, allowing for increased capacity, reduced vibration and superior serviceability, flexibility and performance.

Cleaner, More Durable Interior: Unlike plastic interiors that are prone to staining and odor retention, Northland's stainless steel and arctic white aluminum interiors are stain resistant and more durable than plastic. They also help to maintain a cleaner-looking refrigerator.

Frost-Free: Northland's patented cooling system prevents the freezer from warming during the automatic defrost cycle, unlike typical refrigeration designs. This reduces freezer burn and the melting and refreezing of ice cubes and frozen vegetables which can affect taste.

Superior Choices

Fits Consumers Needs and Lifestyles: Models are available in 6-inch-width increments from 18 to 72 inches, giving homeowners what they demand for their amount of space.

Variety: Northland offers an unequaled variety of sizes and configurations, including built-in refrigerators, freezers and combinations including all-refrigerators, all-freezers, top freezer/refrigerators, side-by-sides, combination side-by-sides and wine cabinets. With a bevy of widths, finishes, door models and style options, Northland offers limitless design options.

Largest Capacity

Big or Small: With true storage capacities ranging from 10.3 to 48.3 cubic feet, Northland can fit right into a grand kitchen or small galley space.

More Storage, Same Space: Northland offers the industry's largest useable capacity for the footprint, so homeowners get more space for the width. The patented cooling system is separate from the refrigerator box—which means the full interior is dedicated to food storage and not to hiding mechanics—giving consumers 20 percent more useable capacity than leading competitors.  

 About Northland

Northland is a leading manufacturer of refrigerator/freezer systems and wine cellars. For complete information or to locate a Northland distributor near you, visit or contact Northland, part of the Aga Rangemaster Group, at (800) 223-3900.