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May  2, 2006

Northland's 60-Inch Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer Provides Grand-Scale Entertaining Possibilities

GREENVILLE, Mich.—As commercial-style built-in refrigeration continues to enjoy increasing popularity for home use, Northland is proud to introduce the industry’s lone 60-inch side-by-side refrigerator/freezer unit (Model 60SS). With a total capacity of 39.3 cubic feet of storage space—the largest fresh-food capacity on the market—Model 60SS provides homeowners the space and style they crave for epic entertaining.

Model 60SS-SGX features a sleek stainless steel exterior, including a louvered top vent, that compliments the look professional-style kitchens. The patented Northland Power Module®—an ingenious self-contained unit that holds the refrigerator’s mechanical components separate from the cabinet—allows for increased capacity, easy installation and serviceability and superior flexibility and performance. Unlike conventional refrigerators that have one cooling system, the Model 60SS has two separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer sections to provide optimal performance and food preservation.
Additional features include:

Refrigerator, 24.2 cubic feet
  • Versatile metal framed glass shelving is split for optimum flexibility
  • Adjustable, split-door bins on solid doors accommodate tall items
  • Glass shelves trimmed to match interior
  • Daylight interior lighting provides a clean white light that cuts down on dark spots and shadows
  • Clear crispers
Freezer, 15.1 cubic feet
  • Patented cooling system keeps food solidly frozen which means no freezer burn or slight melting and refreezing which clumps frozen vegetables and ice
  • Frost free
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Daylight interior lighting provides a clean white light that cuts down on dark spots and shadows

The unit is truly customizable with a choice of custom-finish doors, including:
  • Panel ready for either slide-in or overlay panel
  • Black door panel with black trim
  • Stainless steel wrap door
  • Glass door with satin trim
  • Glass door that accepts wood overlay trim
  • Glass door with stainless steel wrapped trim

Unlike many units with plastic interiors that are prone to staining and odor retention, the 60-inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer is available in two stain-resistant interiors, stainless steel and arctic white aluminum, each offering its own unique shelving.

The stainless steel interior features a lining and shelves constructed of high-quality non-magnetic stainless steel that are easy to clean and maintain, and are virtually indestructible. The freezer boasts Northland’s exclusive MasterFlo™ slotted stainless-steel shelves. The refrigerator’s shelves are tempered glass framed in stainless steel for strength and visibility.

The arctic white aluminum interior features metal interior walls and inner door panels with adjustable shelves. The freezer’s interior shelves are made of heavy-duty, close spaced steel wire shelves.

About Northland
Northland is a leading manufacturer of refrigerator/freezer systems and wine cellars. For complete information regarding the 60-inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer or to locate a Northland distributor near you, visit or contact Northland, an Aga Group Company, at (800) 223-3900.