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At Northland, we're committed to providing the best custom built-in refrigeration systems for the home. Experience the Northland difference in your kitchen.

Here are 10 reasons to choose a Northland:

Superior choices.
With Northland, you can get what you want and need for the space you have available. Models are available in 6-inch width increments from 18 to 72 inches. No other brand can match Northland's variety of sizes and design options.
Largest capacity.
Northlandís patented cooling system is located in a separate module that sits atop the refrigerator cabinet. This unique design offers increased capacity in the same amount of exterior cabinet dimensions as other brands. This means you have more usable storage space than with a similar size refrigerator. So there's more room to store platters of hors d'oeuvres, turkeys, birthday cakes, pizzas, and other large items.
Superb construction.
Every Northland is made with either a stainless steel or arctic white aluminum interior. Unlike plastic interiors which can absorb stains and odors, Northland's interiors resist staining, won't hold odors, and are significantly more durable and easier to clean. The exterior is just as beautifully finished in either stainless steel, black, or black with a satin or black trim. Each Northland refrigerator is so well built, it may well be the last refrigerator you ever buy.
Easiest to service.
The patented cooling system makes servicing a snap. Since the cooling system is fully contained in a module, it's easy to remove and service without disturbing the refrigerator cabinet or contents. And no matter how long you keep your Northland, the module can always be replaced entirely if necessary in mere minutes, delivering brand new performance to your Northland.
Ease of installation.
Even with their grand size, Northland refrigerators and freezers are the easiest on the market to install due to the separate cabinet and cooling system module. Without the weight of the module, the cabinet is lighter and easier to move around into place with its roller base. The cooling system module is set on top and connected with a simple plug-in. All leveling legs are adjustable from the front. Without the module, the cabinet height is reduced to fit under a 7-foot threshold and into elevators. And, unlike traditional refrigerators, there are no cooling system components to prevent the cabinet from lying flat during transport.
Truly frost free.
Northland's patented cooling system prevents the freezer from warming during the automatic defrost cycle, unlike typical refrigeration design. This superior method significantly reduces freezer burn and the melting and refreezing of ice cubes and frozen vegetables, which can result in clumping and a difference in taste.
Longer warranty.
The Northland warranty protects your investment with one of the strongest warranties in the industry - one year parts and labor, seven years parts and labor on the sealed system, and 10 years on the cabinet.
No wasted space.
Due to their unique design and patented cooling system, Northland refrigerators and freezers do not need false walls that take up valuable space. Interior and door shelves are designed for maximum storage.
Unique cooling system.
Northland's patented cooling system has several advantages over traditional refrigeration design, including powerful performance, increased capacity, and ease of installation and serviceability.
Made in America.
Every Northland is built by skilled technicians and tested by certified refrigeration experts in Greenville, Michigan.